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Keep Your Bike Rolling In Top Condition

One of the most overlooked fundamentals of maintaining good experiences with cycling is maintaining your bike. Ronnie and Frans will assemble your new bike to perform at its best and help you keep it in its top condition for years to come. To schedule a repair, just bring your bike in to the shop, where we fix them in the order they come in. Stop by the shop or call us at 570-784-6524 for more information.

New bike owners - We offer professional sizing and fitting of your bike. We'll also re-adjust the components after the typical 30-day break in period.

Tips for new bike owners

New bikes generally have a "break in" period where cables stretch a small amount and compenents settle in. After 50 miles call us to schedule a time when we can re-tune your bike back to its optimum state.

Maintenance Tasks You Can Do

View our list of tasks and inspections you can do at home to help keep your bike in top condition.

Common Service Items

- Wheel truing
- Broken spoke replacement
- Tube and tire replacement
- Tune ups
- Shifter and brake adjustments
- Cable replacement
- Chain replacement
- Wheel hub overhaul
- Bottom bracket overhaul/replacement

Need to Ship Your Bike?

We will dissamble and pack your bike in preparation for shipping. Call us for details.